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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  February 18, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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live tv. and the unlikely event that caused this man's four-year headache. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. breaking news in -- near arundel mills mall. >> this was along route 100, near wbna airport. just south of the airport. firefighters called for a brush fire. it started right along the edge of route 100. and then apparently spread rapidly there from the heavy winds in the area. the winds have picked up
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significantly here at bwi, blowing about 27 knots at the surface. caused firefighters some issues. they had a large amount of fire equipment respond to the area of wbna boulevard and route 97. the smoke was evidence along 97. causing the routes along route 100 to be closed. as you can see, there is still a significant amount of firefighters here. they are using foam from bwi airport. also copious amounts of water, as their concern is that the wind may possibly rekindle this fire, which could cause problems later this evening. so far, no significant damage to property other than trees or woods. and no injuries that we know of. back to you on tv hill. first warning weather coverage continues with meteorologist tim williams, who has more on the fire warnings for this weekend. hi, tim. just to start off by saying we have had a relatively dry
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month. we're down just a little more than three-quarters of an inch in rainfall this month. it is dry. that's where we start. there are red flag warnings in effect tomorrow. that means that fire conditions are going to be really pretty much at their premium. we have dry conditions. winds that are pretty high. and definitely low humidity and low rainfall, just keeps the ground so dry that anything that creates a fire could definitely cause explosive conditions, if that fire gets started. right now, we are dealing with low to mid-70s area wide. we are warmer than average. and with winds coming in, 21 miles per hour in hagerstown. between baltimore and washington, temperatures, i should say the winds have been up around 15 miles per hour through the afternoon. that is really what generates a red-flag warning. we'll continue to keep you posted on these conditions. we'll also talk about near- record heat today in your complete updated first warning forecast. spreading violence. protestors clash in countries across the middle east and
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africa. they're inspired by the middle east and egypt. the egyptians spent the day in celebration. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of egyptians gathered for a victory celebration in tahrir square, marking one week since the oust of president hosni mubarak. they want to remind the government to deliver on promised reforms. >> it's been about oppression for 30 years. no democracy in the arab world. people are fed up. >> reporter: and that same feeling has led to strive of strife across the region. in bahrain, they fired tear gas and shot at protestors, marching in tahrir square. the group had been mourning demonstrators in thursday's predawn raid. among the injured, paramedics trying to help. >> arab faces on the ground. >> reporter: and the wounded say police action won't stop
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the protests. >> they will not. they will not. they will make it bigger. >> reporter: in yemen, anti- government protestors clash with riot police and supporters of the country's long-time ruler. two people are killed by police in the port of aidan, and witnesses say nearly 50 people were wounded in the southern city, when someone threw a grenade into the crowd. president obama condemned the violence and is shaping up to be another foreign policy test for his administration. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> bahrain is the key american ally that is home to the u.s. navy's fifth fleet. a stunning twist in a violent baltimore county home invasion. vic is in the newsroom with the latest on the case. >> reporter: the homeowner killed the attacker. now, police say the homeowner's son helped plan the robbery. officers arrested william bozman jr. the homeowner surprised cook by
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shooting and killing him. officers in florida found bozman after a warrant was issued for his arrest. and now he's facing a handful of charges. kai, back to you. bozman is being held without bond until he is back to maryland to face the charges. chaos. a worker shot during a robbery. it was a breaking news story today at noon. gigi barnett has the search for the shooter. >> reporter: police say shortly after day break this morning, two suspects walked up to the gas station attendant at this carroll fueling in catonsville. detectives say they tried to rob the man and shot at him. witnesses say the bullet pierced the attendant in the head and that's when the suspect ran off. now, as police search for them, newly-installed surveillance cameras may help in the hunt. >> if there was cameras or cctv images that were captured, they would be part of the investigation. and we would use those images to identify the suspect. >> reporter: detectives say
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when they arrived, medics rushed the attendants at shocktrauma. while he is in serious condition, his injuries are not life-threatening. meanwhile, other store owners say this neighborhood has changed in recent years and customers are shocked. >> i just make sure, at 3:30 in the morning, i had people with me. and it's not just me. that's the only thing i'm saying. >> reporter: police say they are searching for multiple suspects in this case. and anyone with information should call 1-866-7-lockup. back to you on tv hill. >> gigi, thank you. there was a cash reward for information on the shooting. a push to ease the penalties on pot. jessica kartalija has more. >> reporter: maryland's legislative black caucus is throwing its support behind the plan to decriminalize marijuana. the lawmakers want to ease the penalties if you're caught with a small amount of marijuana. under the bill, police would only issue a citation. if you face under an ounce of
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marijuana. you still face a $100 fine, though. they say african american teens are arrested and convicted of marijuana more than anyone else. kill the bill. that's the goal of protestors packing the state house in wisconsin. thousands of people flock to the state capital for the fourth straight day. you're upset about a bill that would force public workers to contribute more to their pension and healthcare plan. senate democrats refusing to show up for the vote. so many teachers and protestors in madison were canceling classes today. house lawmakers are working overtime to find funds to run the government for the next six months. joel brown reports for wjz from washington. >> reporter: the met is getting the hands-on look at the technology he is hoping can build a new economy. >> i was saying, can i drop this. >> reporter: he toured a semi
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conductor plant. then named ceo of intel to his team on jobs and competitiveness. >> by and large, intel has placed its bets on america. >> reporter: he huddled with facebook founder mark zucker burg. and had dinner with big names from silicon valley. google boss, steve smith and apple, steve jobs, weighed in. >> but here on capitol hill, republicans say it's not the time to spend more on anything. pointing to the deficit, they're pushing a plan to slash $61 mill billion from this year's budget. and the debate has been heated. >> this is a travesty of the democratic process. >> and then to be lectured about what is a travesty is a travesty. that's the real travesty. >> reporter: republicans tied their cuts to a bill that funds the federal government. one of their proproposals takes away one set aside for
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healthcare reform. >> the american people are begging this congress to repeal obama care. >> and this is class warfare by the republicans against the working men and women of this nation. >> reporter: the president says he'll veto the gop cuts, meaning if both sides don't find a compromise by march 4th, the government will shut down. >> reporter: in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house warned friday that if the government shuts down the workers who send out social security checks will be furloughed, meaning millions of people won't get those checks in time. updating our breaking news. traffic is backed up because of a brush fire in anne arundel county. let's check in on the roads with kristy breslin. >> well, that brush fire, definitely affecting traffic. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene. and as you can see, it was 100 westbound at 97, the two right lanes are blocked. only the left lane is getting by. that has delays solid back to route 10. if you don't have to travel in
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that area, it's definitely not recommended. as far as the beltway goes, we have a 10-minute delay. that's on the north side inner loop from the jfx to dulaney valley road. average speed about 30 miles an hour. on the outer loop, also heavy there. average speed in that direction, 39 miles an hour. west side delays, 795 to security boulevard. 25 minutes to get through there. and if you are traveling on 70 eastbound between 32 and baltimore national pike, a downed tree has the two right- hand lanes blocked. as far as the harbor tunnel throughway goes, in the northbound direction. that's jammed from moravia road to 95. you can see plenty. congestion there west of the beltway road. if you or someone you know have suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them at for your free consultation. back to you. you've heard the saying, no good deed goes unpunished. well, that's what one man learned after he rescued a deer
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from the patapsco river. jim hart was found guilty today for not wearing his life jacket for the rescue in december. he will have to pay a $90 fine. another rescuer was fined because of a delay. we had a very -- [ indiscernible ] >> very bizarre. >> a frightening moment for a popular reporter. she explains what was going through her mind as she slurred her words on live television. a major medical mix-up. it forced a hospital to stop transplanting organs. winter weather returns in your first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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trapped with toys. a little boy in australia climbs inside a grocery store vending machine. he decided he wanted a toy. his mother called for help, worried about the amount of oxygen inside the machine. rescuers got him out. he was not hurt. rescuers made themselves at home, grabbing a snack from the fridge and even taking a shower. the retirement resident checked his community tape when the sausage from the breakfast was missing. fort lee police recognized the naked thief and he was quickly arrested. a botched operation in los angeles shuts down the usc kidney transplant program. >> reporter: organ recovery is a sensitive and timely process. every second counts.
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last month, there was a mix-up at usc's kidney transplant center. a patient was given the wrong one. once it was discovered, they voluntarily shut the center down for review. in a statement, the spokesman said, the review includes validation of a corrective action plan by a kidney transplant surgeon and transplant administrator from other centers and staff from united network for organ- sharing department quality. >> the system has virtually a 99% accuracy rate. and it's done under very, very tight deadlines. >> reporter: brian stewart with one legacy is the organ and tissue recovery center for recipients across the region says its agency did everything by the book. the error occurred within usc's transplant program. the patient is okay. because the transplant was a close match. in the meantime, hospital officials are connecting patients on the kidney wait
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list to other facilities. >> our hope is that the reactivation of the program happens very, very soon. and the patients who are on the waiting list for transplant do it quickly. >> the program could be reactivated as early as tonight. a good end to the week on wall street. stocks were up for the third straight day. dow up. s&p up and nasdaq up 2. let's go to new york, where alison harmelin has tonight's cbs money watch update. financial leaders are looking at paris, looking for ways to prevent another global familiar crisis. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said many nations, including the u.s., need to close their budget gap. >> we must continue together, to increase the efficiency, tranparency and resiliency of our national financial systems. >> president obama is visiting semi conductor maker intel
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today and looking for help from the company's ceo. the white house says the president will ask ceo paul oteleini to his council which will look for my newways to bring jobs to the u.s. >> cars and commercial vehicles will be made in russian cities. michael jackson continues to earn millions. the pop singer's estate has generated $310 million since his death 20 months ago. the money comes from album sales, film, and merchandising. his estate's trustees have paid down $159 million of that debt. that's your money watch. for more headlines, head to money a popular ikea brand crib is being recalled.
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this crib has bulk that may not support the mattress well enough. there are worries that the malt tress may collapse, which may suffocate a child. if you own the crib, you should contact ika for a free repair kit. mama ma. it's a time for the running of the bride. this time, cast members are on hand to help brides look for bargains. women work in teams. and sometimes even strip down to the underwear in the store. it's worth it when they can save thousands of dollars on designer dresses. coming up. a medical mystery solved. surprising culprit behind has throbbing pain. after years of quiet, the sun gets stormy. and earth goes on alert. that ory eyewitness news continues.
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our taste of spring won't last much longer. the dramatic drop in temperatures coming up. for more, click ,,,,,,,
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we hope you got to spend sometime outside today. it's absolutely gorgeous. we found plenty of people washing off their cars and soaking up sun at the park. but all good things, as they say, must come to an end. and that includes the picture. meteorologist tim williams has a look at your first warning weather forecast. it also includes talk about the red flag forecast tomorrow. we've had these warm temperatures. but they've come at a bit of a price. the winds are starting to pick up a little bit. and with the low humidity, we have not had a lot of rain. we create more condition for fires to be started and to get out of control quicker. and those red flag warnings go into effect tomorrow at 9:00. 72 degrees right now. our temperature at bwi marshall. 47 is the dew point.
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we're looking at low humidity. winds still coming in from the driest, warmest area. west/southwest. they have been in the double digits all day. and it's all just kind of drying out all the ground. and that's just creating more of these dangerous conditions. if anything should happen to spark. 61 degrees now in oakland. we have 70 in cumberland. 70 in hagerstown. and 74 in ocean city. around the immediate metro area, temperatures are in the 70s, area wide. the average high for this time of year, around 45 degrees. we topped out at the airport. the official reporting site for the state at around 74. so while we did hit 74, 75, and 76, around parts of the area, it looks like the efficient number at this point is going to be 74. take a look at these winds now. across the state now, double- digit winds. some of the sustained winds, 21 in cumberland.
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while these don't change too much, look at the gusts. cumberland winds. oakland winds, gusting. that's going to be the case tomorrow. winds are going to be gusting up to about 45 miles per hour. we expect them to be sustained at times between 30 and 40. it's going to be a pretty windiy day. still dealing with the nice, warm conditions. but a front moving across the west are already starting to drop these temperatures across the west. and we're in the 70s. again, the red flag warning in effect. but the front comes through tonight and into tomorrow. we'll stay with the sunshine. it comes through pretty dry. we don't have any real chances of any rain. but the winds are going to pick up cooler air drops in behind it. and our temperatures go back into the 50s. winds will be the story. we'll start to see the breeze pick up tonight. by tomorrow, they really start to kick in. and stay with us all through your saturday into sunday. and we'll start to look at
4:26 pm
temperatures getting closer to about average in the low to mid- 40s. our sunset today is at 5:48. gale warnings in effect tomorrow. next high tide is at 6:55 a.m. tonight, going down to 41 degrees. patchy clouds and a bit windy. we're looking at temperatures around 51 degrees tomorrow. sunshine and windy. colder. not really talking a major wind chill. i mean, temperatures will be around 50. but it will definitely be much more brisk than it has been. and definitely colder. >> high today -- >> 74. >> we drop down to 41 tonight. that's more than a 30-degree difference. >> yeah. >> that is not lost on us. >> no. keep your coat handy. don't miss the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it's a new episode of the cop drama, blue bloods. then stick around for eyewitness news at 11:00. state workers in an uproar. brought out thousands of protestors.
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and the reason behind this bitter battle could last for weeks. i'm jessica kartalija. the president of mack trucks. coming up next, meet the woman who taught this undercover boss a tough lesson. is there really a cancer connection? the real risk of brain tumors from talking too much on your mobile phone. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this.
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it is four: -- 4 children 30. 4:30. 72 degrees. mostly sunny in central maryland. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. states around the country are watching a bitter budget battle in wisconsin. tens of thousands of protestors flock to the capital in madison, to demonstrate against the sweeping anti-union bill.
4:31 pm
manuel gallegus reports for wjz. >> their protests echo through wisconsin's capital dome and roar across the grounds outside. thousands of state workers, teachers, prison guards, and labor leaders are in their fourth day of a showdown, urging wisconsin's republican lawmakers to kill a proposed bill that would strip collective bargaining rights from state employees. >> it's my feeling that this is all about union busting. >> reporter: faced with a $3.6 billion deficit, wisconsin's newly-elected republican governor, scott walker, also wants state workers to pay half the cost of their pension and a bigger share of their health benefits. >> i think most people, the middle class outside of government, they understand what we're work -- asking for is still a lot less than what our average taxpayer is paying. >> reporter: republicans say they already have enough votes to pass the bill. but legally, one more lawmaker must be present to hold a vote. and all of the democrats have gone into hiding. >> reporter: state troopers
4:32 pm
were dispatched to the home of democratic leader mark miller to escort him to the state house. but there was no answer. so now a stalemate with thousands at the courthouse door, including thousands of teachers flocking to the capital. >> it's not because of the dollar amounts we receive. it's because our heart is in it. that's why we're here today. >> reporter: and the rest of the country is watching closely. especially other states with big deficits and republican governors, wondering if a battle is coming their way. >> reporter: one of the democratic senators who fled the state said they could stay awake for weeks. the group is planning to meet somewhere near chicago to discuss their options. a tucson firefighter refuses to respond to the scene of arizona gabrielle giffords -- arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords' shooting.
4:33 pm
>> mark exford says political differences kept him from responding to the call. his group was dispatched. he told his captain he was going home sick. he later said he vote for congresswoman giffords, but he would not say more because he was distraught about the shooting. he quit two days after the shooting as management was investigating possible disciplinary charges against him. >> 12 people were injured in the shooting. 22-year-old jared loughner is charged with the shooting. years later, a victim finds her attacker could go free. suzanne collins reports on a new legal move to keep john crow behind bars. >> reporter: 9-year-old charity gets off her school bus in allegheny county. it's march, 1980. lurking in a car nearby is john crul, a man accused of sexually
4:34 pm
assaulting other children. >> he kidnapped me, abducted me from my home, from my driveway. he sexually assaulted me. >> reporter: crul gets life without parole. but a few years ago, he appealed, saying the sex assault took place just over the border in pennsylvania, not in maryland. the conviction is overturned. her female oregance -- organs were mutilated in the attack, says she will fight. >> i need to protect my little girl. i need to protect other girls out there. >> reporter: now, a district attorney has come to the rescue. this week, john crul is released from a maryland prison and sent right to a pennsylvania jail. he faces charges of assault, false imprisonment and more. on the phone the prosecutor says it should work. >> essentially, with the charges we have against him, if successful, there is no chance mr. crul will see the light of day again. >> another detective retired to florida, another is dead.
4:35 pm
there is physical evidence, like the broomstick he used in the attack. prosecutors say charity's memories of what happened to her so long ago is still vivid and a jury will listen. >> crul may claim that the statute of limitations has passed but the prosecutor believes he can win that argument. firefighters are battling a brush fire. heavy winds spanned -- fanned the flames. they shut down between 97 and baltimore anap will on -- annapolis boulevard. the dry, windy weather, making conditions ripe for brush fires. a red flag warning goes into effect in just a few hours. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here now, with more on the windy conditions. bob? >> it's just getting breezy now. we have advisories and warnings that will go into effect. actually, it's tomorrow, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
4:36 pm
we have a high-wind watch all along. winds tomorrow can gust over 40 miles an hour. now, it's been very, very warm the last couple of days. and some of those forests are very, very dry. 72 degrees now. it did get to 75. washington, pax river. it's still at 70 in cumberland and cooling a little bit to oakland. at 61. winds beginning to pick up a little more out of the west/southwest, 20 and 21. and later tonight, into tomorrow, they're going to gust over 30, 35 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, they may get as high as 45 or even 50 miles per hour. denise? >> thank you, bob. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin and wjz traffic control. hello, kristy. >> well, that brush fire in anne arundel is definitely affecting traffic. let's check our graphic here. northbound 97. the two right lanes are blocked there. only the left lane gets by. and the delay is solid. northbound tunnel throughway. heavy there. also 20 minutes on the north
4:37 pm
side inner loop from park heights avenue to providence road. average speed about 35 miles opinion an hour. -- miles an hour. heavy from providence to the jones falls destroy. -- expressway. and another 25 minutes outer loop. as far as accidents go, philadelphia road, at old mountain road, and two in baltimore city. moravia road, at moravia park drive. and bel air road at sinclaire lane. let's take a live look. and here's a look, 895, north of child street. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate. you can call them at 1-877-75- bills. back to you. a scare on air. the video went viral, after a reporter cannot speak clearly on live tv. allison harmellen reports -- harmelin reports for wjz and the reporter's healthcare. >> shareen branson said she is
4:38 pm
ready to get back to reporting the news. instead of being the story. >> i was scared, i didn't know what was going on. i was confused. >> reporter: after she lapsed, the video went viral. [. [ indiscernible ] >> it's still troubling to see, because i know what was going through my mind at the time. i was terrified. >> reporter: many speculated that the veteran reporter had suffered a stroke. >> right after that, my cheek went numb, my hand went numb, my right hand went numb. >> reporter: paramedics cleared branson and she went home. then monday, she was headed to the hospital. >> we don't see any sign of a stroke. >> reporter: branson told neurosurgeon that she had not been feeling well. >> i had a headache. my vision was blurry. i knew something was not right. but i thought i was just tired. >> reporter: after three days of tests, the doctor determined
4:39 pm
that she suffered a migraine aura. >> it's as if there is a wave that is shutting down functions of the brain over a period of minutes. >> reporter: what makes branson's case unique is that it happened on live tv. doctors hope to use the footage for research and to train medical students. >> it's been exciting out here on the red carpet. >> reporter: branson hopes to be back on the red carpet, reporting for oscar night. alison harmelin, wjz eyewitness news. >> migraine aura can resolve itself on its own. patients only need treatment if it happens over and over again. a violent case of bullying once again. boys received 45 days of home monitoring. and they must abide by a strict curfew. as part of a deal with prosecutors, the boys confessed to attacking a teammate. the judge also sentenced all of
4:40 pm
them to complete community service. from the boardroom to the assembly line, the ceo of a maryland based mack truck company. jessica kartalija shows us, the job is not nearly as easy as it looks. tracy sweat has two minutes and 34 seconds to make sure each one of these mack truck engines is greased, covered and cleaned. >> typically, it takes me about 50 seconds. >> reporter: she's been doing the same job for 14 years and loves it. >> if you get up every day to go and do a job, you might as well do it well. >> reporter: now, everyone in america will see tracy hard at work in hagerstown, when she's featured on the hit cbs show, "undercover boss." >> you're right. >> you're a minute and 10 seconds in the hole. >> reporter: tracy told me, she's seen the film several times before, and she loves the concept. but she said in a million years, she never would have expected the ceo of her company
4:41 pm
to show up here. >> jenny was poising as an unemployed worker, trying to get a job. tracy was supposed to show him the ropes. >> he was like driving me nuts. and i was having a heart attack. i said, you're going to kill me. >> the pace of it is quite challenging. and i discovered that when you try to do things fast, you tend to mess up more. >> tracy, based on his performance in here, would he have gotten a job? >> well, i think he would have hurt himself. >> reporter: tracy learned her trainee had a bigger position with the company. >> when you found out that this was the ceo of the company... >> i felt blessed. >> he says workers like tracy are the heart and soul of his company. >> i was surprised by the passion that i found. as i said, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. >> every day i get up. i come to work. i do my job. i smile. i make it fun for me.
4:42 pm
and i go home to my kids. >> jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> you can see how sheigle handles the challenge on undercover boss. it airs saturday night. -- sunday night. >> there could be one lurking around here. >> i was thinking about. but we wouldn't know. there are cameras anyway. straight ahead at 4:00. a vicious case of vandalism. the bizarre excuse for trashing new cars at an auto show. also, tumbling temperatures. that's not the only change coming in your first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a convicted killer steps in to stop an attack on a female prison worker. a convicted killer heard the worker's cries for help. and he held down the attacker
4:46 pm
until other officers arrived. the worker was not seriously hurt in the attack. three men are behind bars today, after vandalizing several cars at the auto show. the man used razors to rip apart the seats. police say they were angry about u.s. jobs going overseas. the damage is estimated around $30,000. an iowa high school wrestler who became the first girl ever to win a state tournament match has been eliminated. cassie hercleman won her first match of the tournament after her opponent, a boy wrestler, refused to compete against her because of religious reasons. she and another, meeghan black are the first to qualify in the iowa state tournament in its 85- year history. in today's healthwatch, a new study reveals radiation from cell phones does not increase the risk of developing brain cancers. british researchers found that despite the increase in cell phone use, there was only a
4:47 pm
very slight increase in certain types of brain cancers, between 1998 and 2000. doctors say if anything, cell phone radiation can only promote growth in an -- prevent growth in an existing tumor. safeway's nutrition program puts tags on shelves. the tags highlight benefits on whether the product is low in fat, gluten-free, organic, and made with whole grains. the program was designed, using registered dietitians. the sun has provided welcome warmth today. but it's also provided a punch. this kind of space weather sets off alerts around the globe. solar storms, releasing staggering amounts of magnetic and radioactive energy come in cycles. >> the last major storm we had was in 2004, 2005. and the sun is starting to act up. it does, every 11 or 12 years or so. >> reporter: ghostly, northern
4:48 pm
lights are caused by solar energy, slamming into the atmosphere. a number of spacecraft have been sent well beyond earth. the first storm of a new season will be this weekend. fortunately, it is small. >> if we get a big one. and we see northern lights. that heats up the upper portion of the matmosphere. can cause dramatic increases. >> those can affect satellites promptly. and causing upsets to satellites. >> reporter: solar storms can also knock out power grids. >> they can tell us that it's very likely that something is coming. >> for a storm, it's like snow
4:49 pm
at halloween. an early harbinger of more to come. >> the kind of active regions and flares that we're seeing now should become more and more prevalent over the next few years. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. even though this weekend's solar storm is not expected to cause major problems, aircraft that fly polar routes have been directed south, in case communication glitches develop. >> and the sun is shining right now. but enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. bob turk has the big changes in your updated first warning forecast next. [ male announcer ] verizon believes
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a biz ash -- bizarre medical story out of china. for four years, a man was suffering from headaches and had difficulty swallowing and was breathing through his mouth. x-rays soon revealed why. take a look. that's a 10-sentimenter -- 10- centimenter knife blade. doctors were able to surgically remove the braid. but they say the rusty knife just missed a facial artery and a nerve. >> wow. okay. a gorgeous end to the day in baltimore. but unfortunately, we're
4:53 pm
getting back to the weather. bob is here with the plunging temperatures in your first warning weather forecast. let's take a look at temperatures right now. it was this close to tying the record this afternoon. right now, we're still at 72 degrees. west/southwest winds at 13. humidity low. and that means there's an extreme fire danger, particularly tomorrow around the region. 29.97, barometer holding steady. 75 in washington. they set a record at washington, at the airport, 77 degrees. today, at dulles, they got to 73, a new record for them as well. 62 in oakland. 68 in cumberland. still 78, hagerstown. 74 in ocean city. we do have pretty much the entire region, all day tomorrow. and into tomorrow night. we do have a red flag warning. that's for fire danger. low, low humidity. a lot of wind. and a high-wind watch for the entire region as well because of winds tomorrow that can gust over 40 miles an hour. right now, they're not all that
4:54 pm
strong. they're going to be picking up later, 8, 9, 12, 13, 20, 31, the strongest out there in cumberland. and those strong winds are going to affect the entire area tomorrow. particularly in the morning and early afternoon hours. and then it will slowly diminish by late in the day. clouds move off. deep area of low pressure sitting off the northern great lakes is going to ride across new england, dragging the frontal system across the area. in fact, it's going very close to us now. a few showers breaking out across west virginia. it's going to bring us a few clouds. but behind it, the winds go more to the north/northwest. it's not going to be bitter cold. but it will get cooler. in fact, maybe 20 or more degrees cooler than today. sunday night and monday. some warmer air starts to head back. you may see a little rain early monday. and then, another frontal system with some more cold air moves in for monday late and tuesday.
4:55 pm
it may actually get cold enough monday night. and a little wet snow. yes. we'll talk about that later in the weekend. but prepare yourself for wild temperature swings the next few days. gale warning tomorrow. gusts up to as high as 45 knots in the bay. bay temp around 37 degrees. so still cold. 41 tonight. patchy clouds becoming windy overnight. and tomorrow, windy, sunshine. but a lot cooler. upper 40s to about 51. during the afternoon, temperatures should be falling to the 40s. it will be feeling a lot colder tomorrow afternoon. than it has today. as i said, we were there thclose to the record, which is 75. we got to 74 degrees. at the airport today. >> i could upset you. >> that's normal for may 16th, by the way. may 16th. >> wow. what will it be on may 16th, do you think? >> probably 39. [ laughter ] >> because we're anything but normal. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. searching for suspects.
4:56 pm
how baltimore county police plan to drag down two men wanted for early morning armed robbery. i'm gigi barnett. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
an employee hit. how this is just the latest violent incident there. the future of gay marriage in maryland. a bill headed for the full senate. are there enough votes? h . uprising wis wiss. what sparked these protests and why they're keeping children out of school. plus, maryland nears a record. but will it last through the weekend?
4:59 pm
check in for more on these and the break being news. gas station employee shot during a robbery attempt. >> tonight, repeated violence at this one local station. >> i'm kai jackson! and i'm denise koch. mary is off tonight. here's what people are talking about. >> an intense search is under way for the men behind a gas station shooting in catonsville. this is not the first time this station has been targeted. gigi? >> reporter: well, kai, indeed, this is not the first time this kind of violence has struck this gas station. police have very few leads in


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